I created the image “Feelings” (found in the Traditional and Digital Artwork page) as a request for a friend of mine. Her original request was to make a digital painting of a girl with long hair and wearing a dress to look like she is coming into the light from the darkness. She also wanted two quotes – “Emotions can’t kill you” and “Feelings aren’t facts” and bubbles containing symbols relating to emotional well-being. I really liked her idea and I took her specifications and drew three concept sketches. The first concept depicted the girl coming up from the darkness, the second one was her flying away from the darkness towards the light, and the third one was her walking from the darkness into the light. My friend preferred the third one and requested for more changes to the character’s hairstyle and to remove all of the bubbles expect for one.

I originally intended to draw numerous bubbles with different symbols to represent wealth, health, and happiness. The "$" was wealth, the cross was health, and the heart was happiness. My friend only wanted the heart, so I kept it and I made sure to keep it large and one of the focal points in the artwork. Since she wanted this change it got me thinking of the classic quote “less is more”. I took this idea and decided to simplify the rest of my concept to make sure the message of the piece was going to resonate with viewers. Throughout the changes I was making in the design process I asked my friend for feedback to make sure the artwork met her specifications.

The last image before the finalization had both of the quotes she originally requested. She suggested to remove the one on the top and replace it with the one on the bottom. I liked her idea as I believed it opened up the artwork more and related to my thoughts of using fewer elements to better present the message of the artwork.

I enjoyed working with a friend to get their ideas and vision into a piece of artwork. I also enjoyed the subject matter as it was something I have never explored in my art before. In addition I took this as an opportunity to experiment with different brush settings, lighting effects, and layer settings to achieve the mood of the piece. In the dark area of the digital painting I experimented with particle brushes, air brushes, and gradients and in the light area I experiment with multi-colored lighting effects over a white painted background. Overall I was very satisfied with how this digital painting turned out and I was glad my friend liked it too.

I created a drawing of Toad from Nintendo for a friend of mine. I started this piece about a year ago (December 2018) with some rough sketches. I re-drew this character multiple times and reviewed sources because I really wanted to ensure I was capturing the style of the character and its personality. I was also working on multiple pieces while refining this one.

I finally decided on a style that would capture the character’s appearance from video games in the 1980s and today. I reviewed content from Super Mario Bros.2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System where Toad could be used as a playable character for the first time. I also looked at images from the more recent Super Mario 3D World for the Wii U as Toad was also a playable character. I waned the character to appear nostalgic and relevant at the same time, which is why I took a lot of time reviewing sources and creating numerous practice sketches.

The pencil sketch of Toad with a turnip was the final sketch I decided to use. In the process of digitizing the drawing I left out the ladybug and the owl on the magic carpet as I thought they were distracting. Instead I added various shades of blue in the sky and drew clouds with a lot of depth. I based the colours for Toad and the background on the tones used in video games from the 1980s. I also took this as an opportunity to utilize different blending tools, pattern brushes, and settings to make the piece appear modern and detailed. The final digitize drawing can be seen in my Digital and Traditional folder.

Please note: I have made numerous of this character before deciding on which sketch to use for this piece. Since there are so many I decided to only chose to show two which made it close to the final cut.

This year (2018) I decided to participate in a fundraiser held by Deviant Art called the Holiday Card Project. This project encouraged members of the website to create and mail physical copies of holiday cards to Deviant Art so they can be distributed to hospital patients. Since I made a project for myself to give out to friends and family in 2017 I decided it would be fun to participate in this event for the first time.
The holiday card project had guidelines in place for the card designs to ensure anyone who received the card would enjoy it. The cards could not contain text which would relate to any particular religion or tradition and it could not contain phrases such as “get well soon” as they may not apply to all of the patients. I ensured my card met these guidelines by using the phrases “season greetings” and “happy holidays” to relate to the general winter holiday season. In addition the saying “best wishes” was added as a warm closing for anyone to enjoy.
The images on the card also had to be appropriate for this time of year, but could not relate to any particular holiday. I used a poinsettia, bell, bow, and candy cane with emphasis on a gold, red, and green color scheme to ensure the vibe of the card related to this time of year without directly relating to any particular religious tradition. I also wanted to try a different theme and design which was very different from the card I created last year, which had a very bright and colorful gingerbread house on the front cover. I wanted to try create something which was more sophisticated and could catch the attention of a wider audience.
I have attached original traditional drawings I used to create the digital painting and larger images of the finalized digital paintings I used on the card. I drew the subject matter using pencil and a fine point black marker and then I scanned the images into my computer and went over them in Corel Painter. I made the digital paintings much larger as I wanted them to versatile in case I decide to use them again in any future projects.
The background on the front cover was created by utilizing airbrushes with different transparencies. I also added a gradient and lighting effects to the text on the inside and outside of the card to make it appear festive.

Here are some sketches which I drew for the Retro Gaming digital drawing you can find in the Traditional and Digital art project. I wanted to draw this as I enjoy exploring my interests through art and I wanted to create something in a modern illustrative style. I decided on this subject matter as I have always enjoyed playing video games from the 1980's and I continue to collect them. I based the drawing of the Nintendo Entertainment System and TV off of the photos I have provided in this blog post. I also used references of video game sprites and screenshots sheets to draw the icons, which I have also attached to this post.
I was also very careful in the selection of the colors and placement of the icons as I wanted to capture the aesthetics of the 1980's. I placed the icons along a light green background to look like wallpaper and I gave the table a light tan shade which was also popular in the 1980's.
The drawings were done in pencil and then scanned into my computer. I then loaded my drawings into CorelDRAW and added all of the digital art details using this program.

*It is important to note that the sprites, photographs, and screenshots I have provided to do not belong to me. They are property of their respected owners.

My digital painting called “Duck” is probably the most complex digital painting I have completed up to this day. I spent many days working on this piece and researched various drawing tutorials and source materials. After conducting my research and planning the layout for the painting I created the sketches based on what I have learned. Originally I planned on using a loon instead of a duck, however I wanted to experiment more with various colors and tools and I did not think the loon would offer me this learning opportunity. I have included this sketch along with some very early ones from the planning phase to give you an idea of my thought and planning process when I create digital artwork.

I am offering page layouts and design for advertisements through Fiverr. Please visit this link
https://www.fiverr.com/techartjess if you wish to see all of the details and examples. Also feel free to message me through Carbonmade if you have any questions or comments about this or any other service.

For the last few years I have always wanted to make my own Christmas card. Unfortunately I was busy with exams or final projects in past Decembers and I never had the time. This year I took advantage of my time and finally created my card. These images depict the original pencil sketches I used as guides for the inside, progress on the cover image using Corel Painter Essentials, and lastly the final printed card. If you wish to see the finalized digital designs you can find them here https://techart.carbonmade.com/projects/6117395

These screenshots demonstrate my progress on my current piece without giving too much away. Right now I working on designing my own character using Corel Painter Essentials and a drawing I have made using markers. I expect to have this piece finished and added to this portfolio by the end of January.
*This is my first time sharing one of my original characters on the Internet :)