Home Page

Tracks Page – Lists the hurricanes being tracked

Hurricane Tracker – This page appears when one of the hurricanes from the list is selected to show its location and movement

Charts Page

Reports Page – Lists past hurricanes

Reports Page – This page appears when one of the past hurricanes is selected from the previous page to show its important statistics

School Project: Hurricane Tracker

This hurricane tracker website was created as a group as a required assignment in the mobile web development course at Sheridan College. The web page consisted of hurricane information and a tracking mechanism on past hurricanes in the United States. The webpage was developed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery Mobile, and Google maps.

My main responsibilities were the graphics, layout, and the reports list and information pages. The graphics for the logo and map used on the background for the home page were designed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The images used for the top menu were selected from the jQuery options and the background wrapper image was a found image which was selected as a favorite from one of the other group members.