2018 Christmas Card Front Cover | Corel Painter

Christmas Card 2018 Inside | Corel Painter

2017 Christmas Card Front Cover | Corel Painter

2017 Christmas Card Inside | Corel Painter

Personal Project: Greeting Cards

The first greeting card in this gallery was created for a fundraiser was called the Holiday Card Project where cards are sent to hospital patients around the world during the winter holidays. I ensured my design specifications met the guidelines of the fundraiser regarding word choice and imagery. The cards could not contain religious images or wording such as “Get well soon” to ensure patients of any religious background or form of illness or injury could enjoy the greeting. I used general images associated with this time of year including a poinsettia, bell, holly, candy cane and bows to meet the image guidelines. I also met the guidelines regarding the wording by using the common phrase of “Season’s Greetings” on the front cover. On the interior of the card I used another common phrase stating “happy holidays” and “best wishes” to ensure the card sounded warm and welcoming to anyone who would receive it. Throughout the card I use the popular holiday color scheme of red and green to emphasize the theme of the card. I also used lighting effects on the fonts to make them stand out and to make them look festive. Like the holiday card from 2017 I utilized Corel Painter to create the card, images, and text effects. I also took the time to try different brushes and shades of color to expand on my skills and style from the previous year.

The last card in this gallery was the first one I made. I created it using Corel Painter in December 2017. I wanted to create a card as an opportunity to become familiar with different layouts and graphic design software. I used Corel Painter to design the card and based the layout on the size and image placement on common pre-made cards. I experimented with lighting effects to archive the multi-colored gradient on the text and experimented with different brushes and transparencies for shading on the gingerbread house.